Mimesis and abstraction are usually aesthetic concepts that in
representation could be understood as opposites, but what happens when a work is a detonator of stories and situations where the rational world is displaced by the alternate reality of Art?

The purity of the materials, the determination and grace in the gesture, the subtle lyric that crosses the paintings, and an endless number of sensorial qualities debate the painting between a naturalistic representation, a dreamlike one or simply a stain that awakens the collective memory.

In a journey that includes more than 30 works, the light as a spearhead, flies over the curatorial story,  allowing to discover artists who, both in the physical exhibition and online, materialize their plastic gifts revealing new imagery free of representational codes.

Barriers of light, vibrant tonalities that cross the space cohabit in a narrative far from preconceived ideas and precedent images.

lumiere, the exhibition of GALERIA AZUR BERLIN, is projected as a large non-linear scene, non-centered, unassimilable at first glance as a whole, since the individuality of each work and each artist that conforms it gives different points of interest, while placing the visitor in the center of the imaginary space.

In this sense, the proposal also develops a new approach, where it is no longer (or still) the construction of the reality of realism, but an image that, stripped of its mimetic qualities, is not the result of a plastic encounter with an intangible reality.

Ceres Gonzales - Signature Curatorial

Ceres González. Art Curator and Critic. GALERIA AZUR

Physical &

Jacquel (France)

Anat Bodasher (Israel)

Noam Aharon (Israel)

Dalit fresco (USA)

Brooke Morgan (USA)

Bogdan Dyulgerov (Bulgaria)

Lawrence Armstrong (USA)

Paige Wallwork (Australia)

G.Thor.Sigurdsson (Iceland)

Julia Magdeburg (Germany)

Dagmar Henneberger (Germany)

Carita Schmidt (Finland)

Caspar Baum (Germany)

Barbara Uhsadel (Germany)

Delphine Severs (France)

Limat Dzé (Switzerland)

Takahiro Nago (Japan)

Maria Ytterlid (Sweden)

Rika Maja Duevel (Norway)

Kylie Fogarty (Australia)

Gabriele Scanziani (Italy)

Gabriele Utech (Germany)

Derya Seifert (Germany)

Tamara Sweere (USA)

Alex Fong Yan (France)

Maral Djenazian (USA)

Katayoon Firouzi (USA)

Anke Wiemer (Germany)

Ida Wieth (Denmark)

Rajae Qarrou (France)